Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Marsh Warbler at Narborough in Norfolk

This bird has been present for a few days now close to the village of Narborough in Norfolk. It has taken up residence in a reed bed mixed with nettles and other weeds with surrounding alder and elder bushes and so on Sunday myself and Mike Weedon paid a visit to catch up with this noted songster.

On arrival the bird was singing out of view and sounded like a Reed Warbler, not very exciting we both thought, but as the bird warmed up he started mimicking other birds, most notably Blackbird, Marsh Tit, Goldfinch, Swallow, Nuthatch and the call of a Chiffchaff. This was mostly done out of view, but occasionally the bird would give tantalising glimpses and on a couple of occasions perched in full view, but others at the twitch considered themselves to be more important than the rest of us and barged me out of the way in order to obtain 'the' photograph they so desired. I am afraid that you, dear reader are left with these glimpses.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Osprey at Ferry Meadows CP, Peterborough

This Osprey has been seen around Ferry Meadows for at least the past week. The bird has been seen fishing on both of the larger lakes at the park and with photos by Mike Weedon showing a blue ring on one of its' legs the people from nearby Rutland Water Ospreys came on Wednesday of this week to see if they could read the ring and possibly identify the bird. They were successful by reading the ring as saying 3J, showing it to be a female bird hatched at the Manton Bay nest of Rutland Water in 2013. This is the birds first return to the U.K. after spending her time in Africa and she has chosen to spend a bit of time in the local area, very decent of her! Time will tell whether she will move on to Rutland Water or elsewhere, until then she is proving to be a very popular bird with the visitors to the park and I may try and get some more photos in due course!

Being 'mobbed' by a Carrion Crow, showing the enormous size of 3J

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Red-rumped Swallow at Ferry Meadows CP, Peterborough

Preening whilst in flight

Being harassed by a House Martin

Some record shots of the Red-rumped Swallow which was found on Sunday morning by Matt Webb. It was seen in the company of House Martins around Overton Lake and Roman Point for most of that morning and then again in the evening. I saw it again on Monday morning and it was again reported that evening and then again this morning. A nice addition to my PBC year list.