Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse in Peterborough

A break from the 'norm' with these couple of shots showing the partial solar eclipse that we experienced in Peterborough this morning. The next one is in 2026.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Waxwings have been a bit thin on the ground this winter, but with one turning up at not too far off Corby, I decided to pay a visit on Sunday before seeing my Mum for Mothers' Day.

The bird had been seen in what is quite a usual spot for Waxwings, an industrial estate/retail park, frequenting a hawthorn tree just outside a pub. On arrival the bird was nowhere to be seen, but within 10 minutes it was showing remarkably well in said tree, feeding and even calling at times. The weather and light were dull and dreary, but I managed a few photos of what was my first bird of this species since the 'invasion' a couple of years ago.

Monday, 9 March 2015

White Stork at Ferry Meadows CP

I switched my phone on this morning and was greeted by a message from Mike Weedon that was left on Sunday morning, informing me that a White Stork had been seen at Ferry Meadows. Hysteria started to set in as I have never seen a wild White Stork in the U.K. and was feeling gripped at potentially missing out on this bird. However, it was revealed that the bird in question was an escapee from the local exotic pet refuge in Deeping St.James, so hysteria subsided. I managed to pay a visit to the site in question in between jobs this morning where the bird (named Klio apparently) was still present on Horse meadow, showing and feeding well, flying a few times, but always returning to the same field.

I will have to wait for my 'wild' bird.