Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Marsh Warbler at Narborough in Norfolk

This bird has been present for a few days now close to the village of Narborough in Norfolk. It has taken up residence in a reed bed mixed with nettles and other weeds with surrounding alder and elder bushes and so on Sunday myself and Mike Weedon paid a visit to catch up with this noted songster.

On arrival the bird was singing out of view and sounded like a Reed Warbler, not very exciting we both thought, but as the bird warmed up he started mimicking other birds, most notably Blackbird, Marsh Tit, Goldfinch, Swallow, Nuthatch and the call of a Chiffchaff. This was mostly done out of view, but occasionally the bird would give tantalising glimpses and on a couple of occasions perched in full view, but others at the twitch considered themselves to be more important than the rest of us and barged me out of the way in order to obtain 'the' photograph they so desired. I am afraid that you, dear reader are left with these glimpses.