Saturday, 29 August 2015

Red-footed Falcon at Willow Tree Fen LWT, part 2

As of writing, the Red-footed Falcon is still present at Willow Tree Fen nature reserve in Lincolnshire. The other morning I paid yet another visit, ostensibly to see if I could get some more photos of it and this time the sun was shining.

A remarkable bird, that after a bit of careful field-craft sat within 15 feet of me and only took to the sky when a cow got too close! I may return yet more as I still would like a photo of the bird doing something other than sitting on a post.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Black Terns at Baston and Langtoft gravel pits, Lincolnshire

A few ropey 'record' shots showing a few of the 6 Black Terns that were present on 'T'-junction pit at the Baston and Langtoft gravel pit complex, 2 juveniles and 4 adults. These birds were forced down by the rain (hence the grainy/gloomy shots), but as soon as the rain lifted, so did the birds. These birds represent the first 'multi' sighting of this species by yours truly and the first in the PBC recording area this year.

Hopefully you will see in the photos the birds' different plumage, showing what is left of the black plumage on the adult birds and the 'cleaner' appearance of the juvenile birds.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Red-footed Falcon at Willow Tree Fen LWT

A 1st summer male Red-footed Falcon had been entertaining the assembled masses near Stoke on Trent during July and I had thought of going to see if I could get a half decent photo or two, but it was a bit of a journey and as it wouldn't have been a 'lifer' I kept umming and erring! The bird then disappeared. Mike Weedon texted me on Thursday morning with the cryptic message of 'Have you heard the red-foot news?'. I replied in the negative thinking all sorts of possibilities, he then phoned to inform me that a 1st summer male Red-footed Falcon had been seen at Willow Tree Fen (a small reserve managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and just over the border from the Peterborough area) the previous evening. I couldn't visit that day, although he and others managed the trip and so I had to wait until Friday evening after work, where the damp and the gloom did nothing for photography, but the bird did show well, if only by sitting on a post!