Monday, 26 July 2010

Hills and Holes

Spent an enjoyable morning on Sunday 25th July at the local `hotspot` for Marbled Whites, Barnack Hills and Holes NNR. There were at least 5 Marbled Whites, plus numerous Chalk-hill Blues. There were also Common Blues, Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers and Brimstones.

Again, these were taken with my pocket camera. I am quite pleased with the results!

Marbled White on scabiosa

Marbled White on centaurea

Marbled White

Brimstone female on centaurea

Chalk-hill Blue male and female

Chalk-hill Blue female

Chalk-hill Blue male on birds-foot trefoil

Chalk-hill Blue male

Chalk-hill Blue male


  1. V nice shots, John. I may be wrong (so forgive me), but isn't the mating pair Chalkhill rather than Common?
    Mike W

  2. Thanks for that Mike. I will bow to your superior knowledge on the butterfly i.d. I have changed the label accordingly. I am going to have to get a better field book!


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