Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bramblings galore!

This year has been a fairly good one so far for sightings of Brambling in the PBC area. There were at least 10 in amongst a flock of Chaffinches near work today.
They were quite happily `flitting` from tree to tree, until a male Sparrowhawk `buzzed` by causing a deal of upset!He was unlucky in his assault, but put the wind up the flock which dispersed rather rapidly!

A picture of the back of one of the Brambling showing the (what I think) amazing patterns.
All Digiscoped using Lumix FS15 and Kowa TSN-883 x30


  1. Dear John,
    you took beautiful pictures! I wonder if we have bramblings here - I tend to believe that we have Buchfinken here at the moment - (might be your chaffinges) - because around the house in Hamburg are three very big old beeches, there are a lot of park-like gardens - and they sing so beautiful in the morning (a few days before). They seem to be a bit more colourful than the bramblings, but I am not a connaisseur. Britta
    By the way: It was by accident that I didn't install your blog on my completely new blog-roll, now it is there, and I can see a new headline at a glance

  2. Greetings John,
    What a visual delight. I'm very glad I checked out your site. Much respect to you for appreciating and taking the time to share with us, your outlook on the beauty of nature.
    Have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    In kindness, Gary.

  3. Thanks Britta!
    Bramblings are a bird that spend the winter in a lot of Europe, so you probably have them in Hamburg at the moment.
    Thankyou for your continuing support!

  4. Thanks for your kind words Gary and thankyou for your following!
    Hope to hear from you again.


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