Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Glossy Ibis at Frampton Marsh RSPB

This Glossy Ibis has been present at Frampton for what seems an absolute age now, but I hadn't got around to visiting for one reason and another. The other weekend there was a report of a Lesser Yellowlegs at the site which gave me some impetus to go. The Yellowlegs gave us the run around for a bit, but was duly seen and then I decided to try and photograph the obliging Glossy Ibis. I am afraid that I went a bit mad, taking far too many photos, but digital photography is a marvellous thing enabling me to delete two-thirds of the rubbish, leaving not quite as bad rubbish!

And last, but not least, an obliging juvenile Swallow,


  1. I'm sure this is the species of Ibis that I saw in plenty in Sydney last year where they are almost at 'nuisance' level. I like your second photo where the bird appears to be goose-stepping!
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    1. They are not quite at nuisance level yet Bazza here, although there would never be a level to me that would be a nuisance level! They were once extremely rare here, but sightings are becoming more frequent. Good news, I'd say!


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