Monday, 24 January 2011

Shore Lark

The Shore Lark is another migrant to our shores in the winter months. They normally arrive in October and November having flown through Sweden, Denmark and Germany and then crossing the North Sea, which is why they are mostly seen in East Anglia. They make the return trip in March.

In Britain they are normally found by the coast, often feeding along the strand line, or on grazing marsh, dunes or stubble fields that are close to the sea. They breed in mountains above the tree line and on Arctic tundra, although a pair nested in Britain in 1977.

The Shore Lark is also known as the Horned Lark because the male has two small `horns` on top of the crown when in breeding plumage. They are a specially protected species, ensuring full protection if there are further attempts to nest in Britain.

All digiscoped using Lumix FS15 and Kowa TSN-883 x30

And now, another short break in proceedings to announce that another award has been bestowed upon my humble blog. This is `The Stylish Blogger` award and has been given by my friend The Mask, for which I am very grateful.
Now the conditions of this award is to tell you 5 of my favourite things and then to pass it on to others, so here goes;
1. My most favourite thing is being married to Lisa (pass the bucket). I know this is corny, but it`s true.
2. My family, all members, both young and old!
3. Obviously, birds (of the feathered variety). Not just birds, but all nature, both pretty and ugly and all that lies in between.
4. The first shoots of Spring and the first frost of Autumn.
5. Having won `The Ashes` in Australia!
Now to pass it on;
1. Gary at klahanie for being truly stylish.
2. Cat at The Whimsical Gardener for taking truly awe inspiring photo`s.
3. Britta at Gardening in high heels, need I say more?
4. Rebecca at The Snee for also being stylish
and finally,
5. Raining Acorns at Raining Acorns.
There all done and dusted!


  1. Your photographs are so marvelous. And what an appealing little bird. Your award is certainly well-earned.

    (And thank you for including RA on such an august list. It's made a lovely ending to the day.)

  2. Thankyou Raining Acorns, your award is well deserved.

  3. Hi John,

    I popped in for an update on our feathered friends. It's pretty amazing to imagine that these small birds just migrated in November and begin their journey again in March. That's a ton of flying! Also, thank you so much for thinking of THE SNEE for the stylish blog award1 I'm flattered to be included in your list. Actually I'm flying over the roof, and I think you might get a pretty great photo if you could see me.

  4. Hi John.
    Yikes, my sincere apologies for not being around lately.
    Anyway, my friend, your postings are proof positive that you were a most deserving recipient of the 'Stylish Blogger Award' as bestowed upon you by the delightful 'Masked Friend'.
    I thank very much for forwarding this award onto me and I shall duly post up a blog regarding this award from your good self.
    And thanks again for another most informative posting, complete with beautiful pictures.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  5. Hi Rebecca, you are more than deserving of the award. As for getting a photo of you flying over the roof, that`s where I may struggle with the set up I have, it is very difficult to take in-flight shots when you digiscope!

  6. Hi Gary, your apologies are not necessary my friend. Thankyou again for your kind words and you are truly desrving of the Stylish Blogger award.


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