Sunday, 1 November 2015

Long-tailed Duck at Deeping High Bank in Lincolnshire

This female/1st winter type Long-tailed Duck was first spotted on the River Welland at Deeping High Bank yesterday morning by local birder Tony Rowe. It was still present today in the fog and murk when myself, Paul Taylor and Mike Weedon paid a visit and showed quite well. This is the first time in around 9 years that a Long-tailed Duck has been seen locally and so was a very welcome life tick, in fact, it was the 219th bird species that I have seen in the area of the Peterborough Bird Club (PBC).

I crave forgiveness, dear reader for the poor quality in the above photos, but I had the ISO settings extremely high in order to get any sort of shutter speed due to the foggy conditions, which explains the amount of 'noise' present.


  1. Like most people I've only ever seen these as distant specks out to sea, so it's nice to see one a bit closer. The "noise" doesn't show up too badly on my screen.

    1. I have been lucky enough to see them at a couple of inland sites before, just not locally, so this was a welcome 'tick'. Glad it wasn't too noisy!

  2. Pleasse do not apoligise as it is great to see the LT duck in your area.


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