Friday, 29 April 2016

Ravens close to Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

There is a pair of Ravens nesting close to Peterborough, indeed in the same area that the Peregrines featured in my previous post are trying to set up home. They are at present feeding young and can be viewed quite easily from a distance. The above heavily cropped images show one of the pair.

The largest passerine, larger than a Common Buzzard, is making a welcome foray into the east of the country. The Raven is a huge bird, with a loud clanging 'kronk kronk' call and an obvious silhouette with the wedge shaped tail key identification features. Another bird that has been persecuted heavily and until recently was confined to the more remote areas in the west of the U.K., but now those times seem to be changing with the bird moving slowly eastwards. Although there are some that are now calling for the species to be put on general licence, meaning that they can be shot. This MUST NOT happen.


  1. Hi John. We just got back from spending the week at Centre Parcs in Elevedon Forest, near Thetford. It was brilliant with deer coming up to the windows and we saw a weasel (possibly a stoat). I saw many birds that were too quick for me to identify, but no falcons or ravens!
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    1. Hi Bazza! Very nice, a lovely part of the U.K. at Thetford forest. If you were lucky enough to see the whole animal, a Stoat has a black tip to its' tail, a Weasel doesn't. Also, a Weasel is a tiny little mammal, no less fierce though!

    2. Mrs Bazza says "then it was a weasel"!

    3. Great little mammal!


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