Monday, 13 December 2010

Werrington Waxwings

I warned you!

Below are some more photographs of some more Waxwings! These two were seen in Werrington, north of Peterborough. Yesterday there were up to 13 present, but today, just the two. The light wasn`t as good as yesterday and they are set against a dull grey sky (it had just stopped raining), but the birds still looked stunning and what makes these birds a little bit more special is the fact they are present in the village where I live!

Having a good scratch!

The two in a distant tree (obviously not talking to eachother!)
All digiscoped using Lumix FS15 and Kowa TSN-883 x30


  1. Ah John, I can most certainly understand you putting up some more photographs of that beautiful bird, the Waxwing. Truly outstanding.
    I've heard a bit of a rumour that the snow may be returning, later this week. Oh no.
    Have a peaceful day.
    In kindness, Gary.

  2. Thanks Gary.
    Yes, I have seen the forecast and they are saying it is going to snow all weekend with temperatures struggling to get above freezing! Hope you`ve got your thermals on!
    Keep warm


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