Monday, 28 November 2011

Two small flutters

Photos taken using Lumix FS15

These butterflies were fairly common in Puerto de la Cruz, especially the African Grass Blue which was found everywhere around the town. The Geranium Bronze was seen in fewer numbers and mostly where there were Pelargoniums growing.

The African Grass Blue (the last two photographs) is a very small butterfly similar in size to the Little Blue which we see in the U.K. and is found in the Canary Islands throughout the year in overlapping broods. It doesn`t seem to be affected by the development that is going on throughout the islands, in fact in Tenerife it is becoming more common. A lovely little butterfly that is very active and doesn`t like staying in the same spot for long periods of time!

The Geranium Bronze (the first three photographs) originates from South Africa and was accidentally introduced to the Balearic Islands through the importation of Pelargoniums. With the popularity of these plants this butterfly has continued to spread and is now to be found in Brussels, Rome and also the Canary Islands (obviously). It has even been recorded in Britain. An attractive species, which thrives in warm areas where the pelargonium plants grow all year and it doesn`t need to hibernate, although it is considered to be a pest by some as its larvae will attack every part of the plant except the roots.


  1. Really nice to see some flutters just to cheer up our weather John. Thanks.

  2. Hi Roy,
    Yes, just a little something to cheer up the winter blues!

  3. Hi Bob,
    Thankyou, they were pretty little things!


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