Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Eye`s have it!

Below are 5 photos of birds eyes. Can you tell which species of bird they are from? No prizes, just for fun!

I will post the answers in a few days!

I suppose I ought to give a few clues!
These birds all appear on my blog in their "full" glory within the last six months and some are always on show.
They are all birds seen in Britain, but are not necessarily all British birds.
Three are wading birds, one of these having a very different name in America than in the U.K. and one of these was a `lifer` for me this year.
One is a youngster of a very common British bird we associate with Christmas.
One has an alternative name of White-arse and another is also known as a Brown Sandpiper.


  1. It's a struggle but I am trying John.

  2. A great post and love the idea for a quiz, have a few ideas but know I will probably be way out. Looking forward to the results already.
    Di Perry

  3. Hi John....I am going to try,,,but don't I have a disadvantage??? lol
    Are these U.K. birds??


    PS Andrew's going to cheat I just know it.. lol

  4. Great idea but way too difficult for me so here are my wild guesses:
    Jay, Turkey, Big Bird from Sesame Street, Ostrich and Toucan. But not necessarily in that order!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  5. Hi John, Great idea for a quiz. here goes. Northern Wheatear, eider ( annes guess !) Little stint, juv of some sort ...Robin ? and finally a BT godwit. Cheers Mate Chris O.

  6. Aaaaarg! Waders. I'm hopeless at these John lol
    Great idea for a post though.
    Only one I can think of, is the last; a Snipe?

  7. Thanks everyone for giving it a go, I will have to make the next one a bit easier!


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